Puerto Rican Family Institute, Inc. (PRFI) was founded in 1960 by a volunteer group of twenty Puerto Rican social workers.  Led by Agustin Gonzalez, they shared a dream to establish a service program to prevent the disintegration of Puerto Rican families who lived in New York City.

In 1964 their vision became a reality with a demonstration grant from the Office of Economic Opportunity which established the "Program to Preserve the Integration of the Puerto Rican Migrant Family." PRFI became one of the first citywide agencies to start serving the Puerto Rican community. During this period, paths were forged to broaden service delivery to other Hispanic groups.


PRFI is a non-profit, multi-program behavioral health and human service agency, whose mission remains to enhance the functioning and self-sufficiency of diverse marginalized communities and to prevent family disintegration with a focus on bilingual and culturally sensitive service delivery.

PRFI offers a comprehensive array of social and behavioral health care services.  Our core services include Mental Health Treatment, Crisis Intervention, Child Placement Prevention, Adult Residential Care facilities, Head Start programs, and Care Coordination/Case Management.

Our programs operate in New York City and Puerto Rico.  We serve a large immigrant population and have a solid record of success.  Our commitment to quality care is evidenced by our ability to maintain families together, through preventing placements, hospitalizations, and/or re-admissions.